MTV Máquina

TV spot animation

Animated TV spot for MTV Brasil that emphasises how our votes are of a crucial matter. Using the concept of a Rube Goldberg machine, it turns the bad elector's input into an impactful consequence.

Role: Assistant Director and animator of several scenes

Client: MTV Brasil
Client CD: Edson Fukuda / Vinícius Prado
Production Company: Santa Transmedia
Script: Thiago Steka & Santa Team
Director: Thiago Steka
Art Director: Eric Pautz
Assistant Director: Ricardo Drehmer
Design: Eric Pautz, Filipe Capra
Animation: Ricardo Drehmer, Leonel Zarpelon, Guilherme Krolow, Thiago Steka, Alejandro Martinez
Sound: Thiago Gautério (

This video won a Bronze Award at Promax BDA Latin America 2015.

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