MTV Móv3l

Opening title animation

Móv3l is a TV show from MTV Brazil which mixes music, lifestyle and pop culture into a faux-reality-show format, with 3 hosts crossing São Paulo in a stylish motorhome.

I've been asked by Thiago Steka to take a place in the animation team. Working together with Eric Pautz, Mariana Ikuta, Thiago Steka and Thiago Gautério (, we've been able to deliver this fun and urban ride through the show's main themes!

Role: Animation [0" - 10"]

Client: MTV Brasil
Client CD: Vinícius Prado
Production Company: Steka
Director: Thiago Steka
AD: Eric Pautz
Design: Eric Pautz, Mariana Ikuta
Animation: Thiago Steka, Ricardo Drehmer.
Sound: Thiago Gautério (

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